Yes, we borrowed the idea from Einstein. Who wouldn’t? The “Not Simpler” part… is what makes it so simple. By taking one extra little step and putting a physical barrier on the flange, everyone knows it’s not to be taken apart. Simple.

We really believe that flange management and control can be simple, not simpler.  We’ve added simple barriers before. We never ‘had to’ lock electrical breakers… until 2005. Now we lock them all the time.

Why don’t we lock out high risk flanges?

We would like to help you make your flange management and control simple. Not simpler.

How Dangerous? Try our Intego Flange Risk Matrix!

Prevent Maintenance Mistakes: Flanges must be ‘un-sealed’ or ‘un-locked’ first.

Shut Downs / Turn Arounds: Flange Custody and Control

Commissioning / Construction: System Ownership and Turnover