Intego Flange Seals

Our patent pending Intego Flange Seal is the most simple and inexpensive way to seal a flange.   Want to make sure no one takes apart a flange until it is safe to do so?  Put an Intego Flange Seal on it.  Operators take the seal off when the flange is safe to take apart.

Intego Flange Seal

Two cups made from 6061 aluminum and anodized, made in Alberta with Canadian aluminum. The cups cover the nuts on a prominent stud. The locking cable keeps them in place and is numbered for records. Done. Sealed. Simple.

 Starting from $30 CAD

Intego Flange Locks

The workhorse of our line, Intego Flange Locks are perfect answer to safely manage high service flanges.   Pumps, filters, strainers that need a lot of service?  Intego Flange Locks can be easily adapted for vessel heads, flush blinds, manways or any inline equipment that gets higher than average service.  Let the maintenance workers know which one is online and which one is ready for service with an
Intego Flange Lock.

Intego Flange Locks without Sign

If a sign is not needed, an Intego Flange Lock without a sign is a simple way to manage a flange that gets frequent service.  It’s able to host gang lock hasps for shutdowns or one simple pad lock for regular maintenance.

Lease or Purchase. Call for pricing.

Intego Flange Locks with Sign

Let workers know what is behind that flange with a sign.  You can literally spell it out for them.  You can put MSDS information, commodity information, anything you want on an Intego Flange Lock with a sign.

Lease or Purchase. Call for pricing.

Set Up and Installation Service

Experienced Intego Reps can assess maintenance practices, identify high risk flanges, and implement Flange Locks & Seals to simplify maintenance and take safety to a new level.


We can help acquire cable seals, locks, tags and any other consumables.

Special Orders

Can’t get anything to fit?” Do you have an unusual application? We like unusual. Our products will always be in development. We have a strong base design that works well and can be adapted to any equipment or process need. Tell us what you need, we can make it.

Sales / Leasing Packages

We sell our products directly and we also lease. Yes, really. You can lease and write off your safety equipment. With flexible leasing packages you can expand, contract, or modify the package to suit the changing needs of your process.